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Tax Planning

Tax is your number one expense in life, it can’t be avoided but it can be managed

Above is the motto we live by.

Tax planning encompass' several aspects.

  • Ensuring that your paperwork is up to IRD Audit Standards
  • Best way to structure entities
  • Look at the overall position of all entities
  • Advise when Provisional and Terminal Tax is due
  • Ensure that you are paying the right taxes on the correct date – to avoid Interests and Penalties
  • Calculate Tax Refunds or Tax to Pay
  • Assist with payment arrangements to IRD
  • Work with you to ensure your taxes are well managed

A well formulated tax plan should allow for any changes and provide a certainty around what is required and when taxes are due. It should also minimize your tax liability within the confines of the law.

Most people get scared when they hear the word tax, but with a proper tax plan this does not need to be the case.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your taxes and tax affairs, and minimize the hassle and angst you face.

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